About Lux24 LLC

Who is Lux24 LLC?

Lux24 LLC has been founded and registered in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) in the Emirate of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) in April 2019. The company has been established as a general trading company, architectural and engineering consultant, such as an service provider within the Middle East and Africa region. We are a one-stop supplier specialized in optimized supply-chain processes for construction companies, project developers, contractors, consultants, and architects/designers .

 Our dedication, diverse portfolio and commitment to excellence and sustainability are what makes us an outstanding player in the construction, environmental, M.E.P. and fit-out industry.

​What Are O ur Products & Services?

 Lux24 has an invincible and large portfolio of different product categories and services which include:

 M.E.P. (Mechanical, Electrical/Electronic, and Plumbing) materials to which count all materials related to HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), indoor & outdoor LED Lighting, 

Pipes, tubes and fittings 

For being a complete one-solution provider who stands out of the competition, Lux24 LLC doesn't only provide M. E. P. materials but also products like facade systems, water filtration systems, acrylic surfaces, solar products, and safety equipment that ensure your worker's integrity.

 With services like Installation, repair and maintenance, testing and commissioning, project consultancy, and 3D-Rendering as part of Lux24's architectural and engineering services, you will get a full package for your projects and the best customer experience.

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Our Concept

Are you tired of time consuming, complicated, costly and frustrating material acquisition processes from different suppliers for your construction, M. E. P. and fit-out projects?

Lux24 LLC knows your problems - and we also have the right one-stop solution for you!

  While all project developers, contractors, consultants, architects/designers and even us as supplier have different tasks and requirements for project completion, we all face the same challenges: The need for timeliness, precision, smooth processes, and, of course, economization.

Lux24 is aware of the challenges, each party is facing and fortunately by working with us, you don't have to deal with different suppliers by trying to get them all on the same page for your projects. Instead, we're your one-stop solution, who is providing the required materials, products and services all under one roof to get you to the finish line as per your expectations! 

Do you want to know what makes us different?

One-Point Of Communication

With us you have only one point of contact for your M. E. P., fit-out and construction requirements, what makes it much easier to communicate and clarify any topics.

Improved Project Planning

We support you with the project planning and give you the best lead-times for all required materials in order to provide our products and services on time and in a cost efficient way.

Competitive Prices For Different Budgets

You can choose from a diversity of products and brands in different price ranges, which gives you the flexibility to complete your project with your approved budget.

Modern & Simple B2B-Portal

You access, buy all our products and services, and communicate with us through our B2B-Portal, what gives you the advantage of a simplified process and a detailed overview.

Diverse Product Portfolio

We are frequently extending our portfolio to satisfy you with the most innovative, sustainable and modern products, services and technologies.

Sourcing Specifically For Your Needs

In the rare scenario that a product which you are requiring is not available, we will put our best efforts to source it from the most qualified suppliers, to still be your perfect one-stop solution.

Lux24 LLC Foundation

Lux24 LLC was founded in April 2019 in the Free Zone "Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)" in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

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Our Vision

Lux24 LLC is proud to contribute towards a  sustainable and eco-conscious future  for our generations to come. By  innovating our supply-chain practices, using renewable energy resources and environmentally friendly materials , we aim  to reduce carbon emissions significantly in the construction industry  and want to  support "green" construction projects successfully, such as reducing waste . Our sole focus is the  well-being of the people and the world around us , and we hold ourselves accountable for leaving a better tomorrow.

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Our Mission

The mission of Lux24 LLC is to establish itself as a pioneer of outstanding customer service by providing our customers with more simplified, greener, and optimized supply chain processes and solutions. We're continuously improving our services by focusing on solution-driven conversations, result-oriented plans , and improving ourselves to satisfy our customers and to revolutionize the construction industry. At Lux24 LLC , quality is a habit, and we role model the behaviour our customers expect.

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Martin Konerth,

CEO & Founder