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Procurement and supplier management can be a difficult task for every party involved in construction projects, being them:

Project developers, consultants, contractors/construction companies, architects or interior and landscape designers. All of them have the problematic case of interacting with too many different suppliers, of which some have complicated sourcing or work processes.

A few examples can be hundreds of individual supplier contracts, one-off purchases, spending a significant amount of time to keep in touch with each supplier, by setting up new supplier accounts and also maintaining a huge supplier database. Other arising problems are: Keeping an overview becomes more difficult, information exchange becomes more complex, costs and efforts for contract negotiation, management and execution increase and strict budget requirements prevent from being flexible with supplier changes.

How can Lux24 can provide value to your company?

As a one-stop solution Lux24 will act as your single point of contact and will help you to optimize your M.E.P., fitout and construction projects by:

 Supplying various kinds of product categories and services

  Downsizing your supplier lists significantly

 Offering competitive prices for every type of budget

 Improving your project processes through on-time planning

 Being the only payment partner

 Arranging freight consolidation at multiple locations to lower freight costs

 Offering comfortable inquiry and order processes via our B2B-Portal

 Obtaining a global and qualitative supplier database

 Providing value on long-term with an excellent pre- and aftersales service

 Being a partner for "green building" projects who is focusing on a sustainable future 

Change Your Processes Now!

Our B2B-Portal

Our B2B-Portal gives an exact overview of our product categories and allows our customers to send inquiries and orders through a simple and modern process. In addition, it is possible to communicate through our portal and view old orders.